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  1. Landslide-inventory maps, the most basic landslide maps, portray the location of prior failure. Because one clue to the location of future landsliding is the distribution of past movement, maps that show existing landslides are helpful in predicting the hazard.
  2. Landslide® magazine is dedicated to the sharing of intellectual property knowledge and experience acquired on the front lines of practice, business, and the arts and sciences. The magazine explores national and international arenas and tracks intellectual property law as it gathers momentum in response to the technological, economic, and.
  3. Jan 12,  · If landslide or debris flow danger is imminent, quickly move away from the path of the slide. Getting out of the path of a debris flow is your best protection. Move to the nearest high ground in a direction away from the path. If rocks and debris are approaching, run for the nearest shelter and take cover (if possible, under a desk, table, or.
  4. Landslide, the movement downslope of a mass of rock, debris, earth, or soil. Landslides occur when gravitational and other types of shear stresses within a slope exceed the shear strength (resistance to shearing) of the materials that form the slope.
  5. Jul 02,  · Landslide kills more than in "dystopian wasteland" of Myanmar's jade mines. July 2, / AM / AP People gather near the bodies of victims of a landslide near a jade mining area in.
  6. landslide definition: 1. a mass of rock and earth moving suddenly and quickly down a steep slope 2. the winning of an. Learn more.
  7. Landslide Mitigation – How to Reduce the Effects of Landslides: Vulnerability to landslide hazards is a function of location, type of human activity, use, and frequency of landslide events. The effects of landslides on people and structures can be lessened by total avoidance of landslide hazard areas or by restricting, prohibiting, or.
  8. landslide meaning: 1. a mass of rock and earth moving suddenly and quickly down a steep slope 2. the winning of an. Learn more.
  9. Landslide Lyrics: I took my love, took it down / I climbed a mountain, and I turned around / And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills / Till the landslide brought me down / Oh, mirror in.

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